It’s challenging to find attractive adaptations that allow people to enjoy their homes and live as independently as possible. 

Most available adaptations tend to be clinical-looking and unsightly; the focus is on practicality rather than style. But why shouldn’t both be possible?  

At the John Ford Group, we think everyone has the right to live in a home that offers them security, safety, independence and peace of mind, without compromising on the look and feel of what makes a house a home.

Here are some wonderful adaptations that don’t look like adaptations to make it possible…

Safe & Stylish Grab Rails Where They’re Needed Most

Grab rails are a fantastic tool to increase independence around the home; they offer valuable reassurance through improved balance and stability. Particularly in high-risk areas such as the bath, shower or toilet, which is also an obvious place to wish to remain as independent as possible. 

Yet most grab rails are unappealing with their large size and bulky plastic material. They stand out and can instantly change the sense of familiarity or homeliness of personal spaces. But they don’t have to. 

Sleeker options are available, made from metal and designed with aesthetics in mind. They’re also available in various shapes to provide push/pull assistance where required and simultaneously complement home decor.

Grab rails needn’t be clunky and pronounced, new styles are minimal and can even be integrated into shelves for seamless style that doesn’t compromise safety.  

For more info on the different types of grab rails take a look at our earlier post, ‘Grab Rails: What Kind Of Grab Rail Is Best?’

3 Simple Home Adaptations (2)-min

Smart Raised Sockets For Easy Accessibility

Plug sockets are typically installed low to the floor and often in hard-to-reach corners, making them inaccessible for anyone with limited mobility. While it’s possible to place plug sockets wherever they might be needed, it doesn’t provide the most aesthetically pleasing solution.

Instead, ‘pop-up’ sockets are an innovative design solution that provides electrical points within easy reach. Simply push or pull these smart sockets and they appear out of whichever space they’re installed – desk, floor or worktop. 

Fitted with USB ports as well as power sockets, they’re incredibly versatile and offer handy points at which to charge any device or power any appliance.

They can be pushed back into place when not in use for a neat, tidy and safe space. You really won’t know they’re there. Secure and reliable, smart raisable sockets can be easily installed by experienced and professional fitters. 

Raised Flower Beds For Flourishing Plants and People

Gardening provides a calm and peaceful pastime for many. It’s a well-loved hobby due to its sense of satisfaction, quiet solitude and time with nature. As such its well-known to improve mental health and wellness.

Yet gardening presents a challenge to many since it also typically requires plenty of physical strength and mobility.

Raised flower beds can help to alleviate some of the difficulties without making it obvious that adaptations have been made.

In recent years, raised flower beds have become increasingly popular thanks to their easy access and stylish solution to ward off pests. They also save strenuous work by offering no-dig planting space.

Plenty of people opt for raised flower beds to simply save time and effort. They’re functional and look fantastic.  

They give all garden lovers the opportunity to do what they enjoy most, without the need for obvious and infringing adaptations. 

Pathway Levelling For Independence All Around The Home

Uneven pathways present a serious risk to everyone, but especially for those with mobility difficulties. All paths and entryways must be safe and secure by being smooth and level.

There’s nothing unusual about level pathways, in fact, they’re pretty much expected. Any chinks or sloping pathways can be remedied without anyone noticing a purposeful adaptation has taken place.

Most likely, a new level pathway will be noted as a stylish modification to update and improve the look and value of a home.

Pretty new stepping stones, a modern patio or a well-landscaped pathway will certainly add value to a home and provide safe walkways outside the home.  

When it comes to helping people make the most of their homes, all areas ought to be considered. An outside space that offers beauty and pleasure, as well as security and independence, is crucial.

Want To Keep Your House A Home?

If you or someone you know would like to have easier and safer access in and around their home, without the need for clinical or obtrusive adaptations, the John Ford Group can help.

With more than 14 years of experience helping people make the most of their homes, we can expertly answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your unique case.  

At the heart of all we do is ensuring everyone has the ability to enjoy their homes and their lives as independently as possible, for as long as they wish. With our help, we believe you can keep your house a home, no matter what adaptations are required.

To find out more about what is possible, get in touch with our friendly team today.