Are you wondering what a raised toilet is and how it might be able to help you or someone you know? Is using the bathroom becoming more of a challenge? Would you like to know if a raised toilet can make life a little easier?

Maintaining independence is important, especially when undertaking personal care. At the John Ford Group, we understand how valuable home adaptations can be for people with limited mobility. We want to help people live as autonomously and contently as possible. 

So what is a raised toilet, and in what ways is it more accessible?

What Difference Can A Raised Height WC Make?

A raised height WC stands higher than conventional toilets. The raised height means that the distance from standing to sitting and back again is reduced, making the movement easier for those who struggle with mobility.

The lower the toilet, the greater pressure and demand placed on joints and muscles. The lower your body needs to move to and from, the harder it has to work. Conventional toilet heights can therefore place unnecessary strain on the body.

Using the bathroom is a fundamental human need that everyone wants to maintain independence with for as long as possible. Raised height WCs not only make using the bathroom easier, but they also help prevent pain and injury while maintaining independence – giving users a dignified and content life.

Is A Raised Height WC Obvious?

As with all home adaptations, it’s essential that a house still feels like home. Unsightly or obvious adaptations can feel awkward and reminiscent of hospitals or care centres.

So, is a raised height WC apparent to users? Only in the way it’s desired to be. It’s obviously more comfortable and easier to use, but not cumbersome in its style or appearance.

In fact, raised height WCs look the same as conventional toilets, and the height difference is unnoticeable to the eye and their design matches standard bathroom ware. Plus, raised height toilets come in various styles to best match the current bathroom design aesthetic.

Is A Raised Height Toilet Expensive?

One of the main hesitations to installing a raised toilet might be the cost. Thankfully, many different types of accessible toilets range in price, most of which cost the same as any typical toilet design.

Whatever price point you have to work with, our experienced and friendly team will be able to advise you on the most suitable raised height toilet to suit needs and budget. It’s an affordable adaptation that offers priceless value.

For more on the different types of accessible toilets available, look at our recent post about The Closomat Wash And Dry Toilet, a convenient and integrated toilet that promotes independence.

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Reasons Why A Raised Height Toilet Is More Accessible

As promised, here are 4 crucial reasons why a raised height toilet is more accessible:

Easier Movement

A higher toilet means less demand and pressure on joints and muscles. The distance from standing to sitting is smaller, making the movement and use of the toilet much easier for the user.

Smoother Transitions

A raised toilet also means the height is more compatible with a wheelchair or other mobility seats. Moving from one seat to another is simpler and smoother when they’re at similar heights. Conventional toilets tend to sit lower, making movement from one seat to another particularly strenuous.

Fewer Aches & Pains

With easier movement and smoother transitions, raised height toilets help to reduce aches and pains in the short and long term. Users can expect fewer aches and pains not only while using the bathroom but also afterwards, thanks to less strain on the body.

Help Prevent Injury

Likewise, with an easier-to-use raised height toilet, injury is less likely. Moving from chairs to the toilet can be a risk for those with mobility issues, and slips and falls can be common. Similarly, moving from standing to sitting and back again can be a struggle for those who are more unstable. A higher toilet helps to prevent these slips, falls and injuries.

Raised Height WC For Continued Independence

At the heart of what we do at the John Ford Group, is helping people to stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes for as long as possible. An accessible bathroom is one of the key elements of maintaining independence and allowing people to stay where they want to be.

A raised, accessible toilet means that those who want to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes, can. We know how valuable that wish come true is, and the critical impact it has on families’ health and wellbeing.

An Unnoticeable Change With A Big Difference

Raised height toilets are a simple yet effective way to allow you or someone you know to continue living autonomously in the place called home. It’s a straightforward and uncomplicated way to improve quality of life.

Raised height toilets look like conventional toilets. They can be selected from various styles to match the bathroom interior and budget. For a flawless finish and comfortable experience, offering smoother transitions, easier usability and mobility, and the associated risk of aches, pains, or injuries.

Would you like to learn more about the choice of raised height toilets we can install into homes? Give our knowledgeable and warmhearted John a call today. He’ll be more than happy to help.