Limited mobility can make bathing and toileting a tricky task, and most homes simply aren’t set up for it. The result is that many people have to leave their homes and move into assisted accommodation before it’s really necessary – just because of the bathroom. 

At the John Ford Group, we believe feeling clean and comfortable should be accessible to everyone, so we did something about it…

What Are Temporary Shower and Toilet Pods?

Our temporary shower and toilet pods make bathing and toileting at home stress-free. These clever inventions can be installed in a downstairs room of the house, creating an accessible shower and toilet. 

Completely waterproof, the structures can be erected in a single day and give users more independence and privacy when bathing and toileting in the home environment.

All of the pods are designed for shower use as standard, but a toilet can easily be plumbed in if requested, as well as a basin with a tap.

We understand that the needs of our customers vary. Though the most popular pod footprint is that of 1.2m by 1m wide, we stock various sizes of shower floor to suit the differing needs of our customers.

The Component Parts
Each pod comprises of:

  • A shower tray floor
  • Three powder-coated aluminium walls
  • Bi-fold front opening doors
  • A ceiling that slots on top.

Side entry doors can be requested if more suited to the customer’s needs or the space the pod will reside in.

At The John Ford Group, we strive to understand the carer’s role in its entirety. It’s essential to make their job easy so that a user can be supported properly. That’s why one of the walls of our temporary pods is only half-height, meaning any personal assistant can easily lean through and help their elderly or disabled counterpart if needed.

Who Can Use A Temporary Shower And Toilet Pod?

Temporary shower and toilet pods instil dignity and comfort for clients.

Whilst anyone can use one of our pods, those that might benefit most include:

  • The elderly
  • Obese clients 
  • Clients with reduced mobility
  • End-of-life patients
  • People in need of accessible wash facilities after a hospital stay 

More commonly, end-of-life, elderly and disabled patients are choosing to return to their homes rather than stay within a care setting. 

Unfortunately, the absence of appropriate hygiene facilities can be a big barrier to being discharged. Quite simply, the lack of a ground-floor bathroom can take away the often preferred option of residing in their own home, and as such, the patient is required to remain in the hospital or other care settings against their true wishes.

Not only would these patients feel better in their own surroundings, but by remaining in the hospital, they also take up a much-needed bed. 

Our temporary shower and toilet pods are designed to get people with limited mobility back in their own spaces, where they want to be. 

How Do They Work?

Each temporary pod includes an electric shower wired to the fuse board of the home. A cold water feed is also required and can be routed from any domestic cold water main pipe in the house.

When Using The Shower Facility

The water falling to the floor during a user’s shower drains away into a gulley. At this stage, an electric pump hidden in the shower floor carries the water to either a connecting household waste pipe or a Saniflo unit. 

Saniflo units flush water and waste away to household drainage pipes. Because they can pump their contents up to 20 metres away laterally and 40 metres vertically, Saniflo units enable a pod to be stationed almost anywhere in a modern house.

When Using the Toilet Facility

The toilet unit is hung from one of the panels of the shower wall and as such is completely stable.

Where plumbing to a waste pipe is not always possible, a Saniflo macerator is used. 

When the toilet is flushed, the waste exits the toilet bowl as normal but passes through to the macerator unit before continuing to the connected household waste pipe. The market-leading macerating technology softens and chops up solid waste and toilet paper into a liquid effluent easily transported out of the household. 

How Long Does Installation Take?

A temporary shower and toilet pod can be installed in a single day.

That’s it.

Occasionally, the installation process will extend into a second day where the length of plumbing that’s required is further from the unit, but not often.

You can be confident that our three expert workmen – two fitters and an electrician – will get you set up and install your pod as quickly as possible. Before they leave, they will make sure all the necessary tests and checks are carried out.

What Are The Benefits?

We are committed to improving the quality of life and independence of those with limited mobility. Getting people home, where they want to be, is the most important benefit our pods afford. 

Other benefits of choosing a temporary pod are many, including the following:

  • They are quick to install. With no tiling involved, we can erect a temporary pod in one day, meaning you can get someone home from a care facility very quickly.
  • They save money by freeing up much-needed hospital beds. A hospital bed costs £900-£1200 per night. One of our pods costs a single fee of £6,000 to supply AND install. Any institution opting to use our temporary shower pods to increase the discharge rate will save money very quickly.
  • Our technology is always evolving. Here at The John Ford Group, we are very proud of our products, but we always strive to do better. We are currently working on a new ‘plug and play’ modular design of our temporary pod that can be simply plugged into the mains at the wall like any other electrical item. This will reduce both the time and cost of installation and make the service even more accessible to all. 

Help People Stay Home For Longer With Our Temporary Shower And Toilet Pods

Do you know of or work with someone in a care setting who wants to get back home?

A temporary shower and toilet pod could be the answer. 

The John Ford Group has over 14 years of experience improving domestic and commercial properties for the needs of a wide range of people with health concerns or impairments. 

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