Other Halves

The John Ford Group are proud to be supporting Other Halves, a charity that provides contact and support for partners of, and those close to, dementia sufferers.

Other Halves are a group of people who understand what life is like for those living with a dementia sufferer, and draw upon the knowledge and experiences of members to produce a calendar of events for couples and family members to enjoy together. This includes meeting together to pursue activities such as visits, hobbies and interests, lunching together, or simply chatting over a cup of tea.


Photo – Jackie, Founder of Other Halves.
Talking at a John Ford Group event.

The mission of Other Halves is one of self-help; to share ideas and support for the benefit of all members, and their vision is to be able to reach out to all those caring for a dementia sufferer. Visit the Other Halves website to find out more.

email: info@otherhalves.org.uk
Other Halves is a registered charity no. 1170065