Home adaptations to a property in Chelmsford, Essex.

Clients Deputy:

N/A. Private Client


John Ford Group


Husband and Wife in their 60’s – wife suffered a severe stroke.


1980’s built property which clients have lived in for 35 years.

Proposed Adaptations:

Adaptations include:

  • Entry access works including front drive levelling, new front and rear doors with level access threshold.
  • Ramp works to access rear garden
  • Through floor lift from ground to first floor
  • Remodelling of existing bedroom to make accessible ensuite bathroom

Contract Sum:


The Project:

Our client approached us flowing his wife suffering a stroke 12 months prior. After spending a significant period in the stroke unit, our client was moved to a reablement unit in Kent and her husband was staying in a nearby hotel to ensure he was nearby.

Following recommendation from a previous client, John Ford Group were approached and were advised that the existing property required substantial adaptations to enable the client to move home in 10 weeks. The time element of this project was all important and a turn-key solution was required to enable the husband to continue to spend the majority of his time near the reablement unit and his wife.

We immediately mobilised surveyors to survey the existing property and contacted Standford Wellbeing (one of our partnered private OT’s) who collaborated with the reablement OT’s to understand the clients clinical requirements. This enabled all adaptations to be designed for present and future needs.

A Wessex through-floor lift was specified by the OT to transfer the client from the ground floor directly into a first floor bedroom. This bedroom was converted to a fully adapted level access shower ensuite.

The existing front and rear access doors were replaced incorporating level access thresholds and a ramp installed into the rear garden (using the same patio slabs as existing to ensure it didn’t look out of place). The front drive block paving was raised to incorporate a slight gradient to the new front door.

The client moved home on exactly the date that had been requested.


We were so pleased to receive the following email from our clients:

Thank you John, absolutely ‘mission accomplished’ – all aspects of the job are perfect, groundworks, doors, lift and especially the wet room and layout are exceptional. Thank you for pulling all the stops out. we are so grateful for your outstanding effort to get us home