Replacement patio doors with complete level access in Chelmsford

Accessible thresholds are quite common and installed where a wheelchair needs to roll over a door threshold easily. The building regulations stipulate that such thresholds cannot have any protrusions greater than 15mm – thus allowing a standard wheelchair (with small wheels on the front and large wheels on the back) to roll over it.

However our customer used a wheelchair with 4 small castors and propelled herself using her single leg. As such – our threshold needed to be completely level with zero tolerance.

John Ford Group were able to design and install the new doors such than when the wheels crushed the pile of the carpet – the threshold became perfectly level – in turn enabling the customer to access the garden easily.

The installation was signed off by Building Control (free of the normal charge due to the installation being a disability adaptation)

Constructive was very proud to receive the following testimonial:

I have recently had John Ford Group replace my Mother’s patio doors to provide her with step free access to her garden.

The design had to be precise as my mother is a leg amputee who is confined to a wheelchair and unable to manoeuvre it over any ridges.  Even the smallest lip would prove a barrier to her movement.

I am very pleased to say that John ford completed the work to a very high standard and most importantly, precisely to the specification.

My mother can now get out to her garden without assistance.  This level of independence is really important to her and it is not an exaggeration to say it is life changing for a housebound woman in her 80’s.

I would like to offer my gratitude for a job well done

ARA Architects.