Most homes simply aren’t set up for accessible bathing. And if you only need to make short-term changes, permanently adapting a whole bathroom just does not make sense. 

Instead, consider temporary alterations – like the modular shower pod. Here, we explore what one is, how it works and the best of the bunch.

What Is A Modular Shower Pod?

Modular shower pods can be installed as an alternative solution to reconfiguring a bathroom arrangement for increased accessibility. Because they’re temporary, the site of installation suffers no damage to interior decor or pipework.

These cubicles are sturdy, self-contained and completely waterproof. Most pods consist of a shower tray floor, three powder-coated aluminium or polypropylene glazed walls and bi-fold front opening doors to make getting in and out a breeze without a huge hazardous door swinging open. The ceiling of the pod slots on top, and the whole thing can be erected in a single day.

Modular shower pods can be installed anywhere there is access to waste, water and power. A typical pod is 1.2m x 1m wide, but reputable retailers – just like us – will stock various sizes of shower floor as well as side entry doors, half-height walls, grab rails and foldable shower seats.

Temporary Home Adaptations

The Role Of A Modular Shower Pod

Modular shower pods are a great option in many situations, such as:

Short-Term Requirement

Sometimes, you won’t require increased bathroom accessibility on a long-term basis. Perhaps an elderly relative is staying with you for a while, or an individual with reduced mobility has come home from a hospital stint and is expected to make a full recovery. 

By installing a fully functional modular shower pod, you can meet the requirements of each user without having to undergo expensive alterations.

Rented Accommodation

Your family member, client or customer with limited mobility might be staying in temporary accommodation whilst a more suitable home is found for their specific situation, and the bathroom is highly unlikely to be fit for purpose. 

Modular shower pods can transform a potentially unsafe and unusable bathroom into one that promotes independence, privacy and dignity.

During Building Works

If you’re opting for a full home adaptation project, you’re going to need to navigate not having a bathroom for a while. Installing a modular shower pod, which can also have a toilet plumbed into it, can work as a makeshift bathroom whilst the major works are completed.

Ensuite Creation

If your patient, client or loved one spends a lot of time in their bed and finds it difficult or painful to manoeuvre themselves to a bathroom, modular shower pods can be erected in the bedroom itself to create an ensuite facility. 

What Features Do You Need To Look At?

When looking for the best modular shower pod, it’s really a case of which will meet your needs. Here are some considerations…


How large a shower does the user need? A modular shower pod usually only requires room for a single user because the half-height bifold doors enable any personal assistant to easily lean through and help. Whilst 1.2m x 1m is the standard footprint of these temporary cubicles, we stock a variety of sizes.


Think about any extras that might improve the experience for the user, such as grab rails for added stability and shower seats for a more comfortable bathing position. 

Would it be useful for a light and extractor fan to be included within the roof? What about a toilet and a basin? There are many combinations of facilities that can be plumbed in to make your modular shower pod as functional as possible.

Water And Electric

A pod can be positioned anywhere where access can be gained  to water, waste and power. The water from the shower gets flushed away to household drainage pipes and can be pumped to a local soil and vent pipe.


Where do you want your modular shower pod to reside? Do you have enough room inside the property?  Is there enough space in the chosen room for the pod and open doors?

The Best Modular Shower Pods

At the John Ford Group, we stock and showcase the products we believe in the most.

Chiltern Invadex offers an incredible range of modular equipment, including the modular shower. Available in a range of designs, they can be fitted almost anywhere and are a cost-effective alternative to a full bathroom adaptation. 

Their unique modular design makes construction a breeze, meaning a Contour shower can be up and ready to use in just 2 hours. Modular shower pods help to keep people at home or get them home from hospitals and other care facilities.

Bathroom Accessibility Without The Price Tag

Modular shower pods help to keep people at home or get them home from hospitals and other care facilities without going to the extent of expensive and intrusive property alterations. 

(And, they’re super quick to put up).

Are you looking for simple accessibility adaptations to make home life easier for you, a loved one, a patient or a client? We’ve got the answers. See our website to get in touch and find out how we can help.