Did you know that 18% of UK households include a person with a mobility need?

This can make the average home setup incredibly difficult to use for a huge number of people. This loss of independence affects mental health and can lead to feelings of alienation at home.

The great news is that forward-thinking design combined with clever technology can help solve many accessibility problems and create a multifunctional home for every person living within it.

In this blog, you’ll find all about ActivMotion rise and fall kitchen units that are revolutionising kitchen design for people with mobility issues.

What Are Rise & Fall Units?

These are units designed to be height adjustable, this is essential in the kitchen to guarantee safety. ActivMotion rise & fall systems allow the height of a countertop to be adjusted by either a manual or a motorised action. 

These countertops can be made to include several kitchen essentials, such as sinks and hobs.

Adjusting the height improves access for users of different abilities within a household and ensures that people with mobility issues can remain independent at home. 

They were initially designed to aid anyone who might struggle with standing or someone who needs to remain in a seated position but have proven helpful for many others too.

The outcome is a system that can be height adjusted (685mm at its lowest, to 1100mm at its highest) to accommodate a seated or standing user. Guaranteeing the best posture ergonomically for all users.

The main products in the rise and fall range are wall units, worktops, hobs, sinks, and cupboards.

Other options are available, such as shelving systems, pull-out platforms and lifting platforms, including bins with automatic opening lids.

Each option combines incredible functionality and style, blending in perfectly with your existing kitchen.

How Do They Work?

All the units are button-operated or lever controlled. Worktops, hobs, sinks, and wall units are height adjustable so that surfaces are lowered at a touch of a button, allowing easy access for users of all heights. 

Any sink can be used with the rise and fall solution so long as the sink uses a flexible plumbing kit. You have the choice of any hob type such as induction, gas, electric or ceramic and the worktops can be made out of nearly any material and made to match your existing kitchen surface.

All the sink units, worktops and hobs have complete clearance underneath so that anyone in a seated position or a wheelchair can work comfortably and safely.

A rise and fall cupboard makes access easy, especially if the cupboard is wall-mounted. The bottom can either be lowered out or a basket can extend down from the front.

They are often retrofitted, meaning that this new technology can be added to an existing kitchen anytime. 

How Long Do They Take To Install?

You don’t need to be concerned with the amount of time it takes to install rise and fall units, as small adaptations can be done in as little as 2-3 days. 

It all depends on the kinds of fixtures and finishes that you choose. Electric work will take slightly longer and if you have a large kitchen that requires a lot of refurbishment, it could take up to a week or two.

Using the right contractors makes the experience as stress-free as possible. We can talk you through the process and discuss realistically what to expect and, more importantly, what will work for your needs.

How Much Will It Cost?

The great thing about ActivMotion rise and fall units is that you can design them around a realistic budget. 

Prices depend on the number of units you need and the size them, but small adaptations could start from around £1,800. 

A fully configurated kitchen that requires a complete re-fit and re-design is not that dissimilar to a regular fitted kitchen and could be as much as £30,000 – £40,000.  

Want To Find Out More?

If you think that one of these adaptations could improve your home, then the next thing that you should do is get in touch with one of the team today. 

We will be able to discuss with you your needs and advise the best kind of rise and fall systems to suit your lifestyle and needs, giving you or your loved one the independence needed at home.

Give us a call today at 01245 267333 or email us at info@johnfordgroup.co.uk to find out what surprising adaptations we can provide for your home.