The relaxing qualities of warm water need no explanation.

Hydrotherapy (or aquatic therapy) can help with musculoskeletal and neural rehabilitation after a trauma, or to ease the symptoms of physical and neurological conditions. And yet in Essex, there are far more hydrotherapy facilities for veterinary use than for human rehabilitation!

Increasingly, solicitors and case managers are now recommending bespoke hydrotherapy facilities to be installed in their clients’ homes for daily use.

The independent hydro therapists working with our clients report vast improvements in physical movement, general health and wellbeing after sessions, and that natural body movement is increased dramatically when manipulated in warm water.

The main differences between general recreational pools and hydrotherapy pools are in the specification of the heating and filtration systems, and their general layout. Hydrotherapy facilities need to be warm and are usually indoor rather than outside. Hydrotherapy pools usually need to achieve higher water temperatures to ensure that the user—often of limited independent mobility—doesn’t get cold whilst in the pool leading to stiffness and cramp. Our pools often achieve temperatures in excess of 36˚C.

Higher temperature water will produce excessive humidity and evaporation that need to be managed by way of dehumidification and air movement systems, along with physical barriers such as automatic pool covers. Poor air handling will lead to water being absorbed into the building which will lead to almost immediate decay.

The warm water, whilst relaxing the body, can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and the pool’s filtration system needs to be designed to keep the water clean for everyday use.

Space can be an issue when designing a safe and usable facility in a domestic dwelling. We often build entirely new annexes and independent buildings for the hydrotherapy facility, which can be more cost effective than trying to incorporate into an area of the existing property. It also means that the facility can be designed and built from scratch.

We work alongside case managers, hydro and physiotherapists; specialist architects and pool designers to ensure that each individual facility is bespoke to the client’s needs. Our turn-key design and build service ensures that the facility is delivered on time and to an excellent standard.



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